Ministry takes no action against officials with fake FF credentials

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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Former cabinet secretary Akbar Ali Khan and senior lawyer Rafique-Ul Haq had pitched for swift actions against these officials.

Khan said a criminal case could be filed against them for cheating apart from administrative measures.

The disgraced officials are -- Health Secretary Niaz Uddin Miah, Public Service Commission Secretary AKM Amir Hossain, former PMO Secretary Mollah Wahidduzzaman, now chairman of the Privatisation Commission, former Liberation War Affairs Secretary KH Masud Siddique, currently OSD (officer on special duty), and the same ministry's Joint Secretary Abul Kasem Talukder, also an OSD now.

They obtained freedom fighter certificates to extend their service tenures by a year. Masud Siddique was the secretary to the liberation war affairs ministry at that time.

After revoking their certificates and relevant gazettes, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Huq on Sunday said the public administration ministry would take steps against them.

But when approached on Monday night, State Minister for Public Administration Ismat Ara Sadek said they were yet to take any measures.

Asked why no administrative action was being taken against them, she said, "Their certificates have just been cancelled. Now, whether administrative actions against them will follow is something to be considered."

About the Anti Corruption Commission's (ACC) recommendation of legal measures against them, she said there was not "much development".

The ACC pushed for revoking these officials' freedom-fighter certificates after finding proof that they had obtained their certificates through illegal means.

Minister Huq said they would be punished if they had taken state properties using these certificates.


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