Pinak-6 ferry capsize enquiry report filed

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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Committee chief Joint Secretary Nur-ur-Rahman handed the findings to Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan and Secretary Syed Monjurul Islam on Sunday afternoon.

Pinak-6 went down in the Padma near Mawa on Aug 4. According to official figures, 49 bodies have been recovered and 61 are still missing.

A week-long search for the vessel was called off on Aug 11 after rescuers failed to trace the launch.

The shipping ministry PRO said the investigation committee made 25 recommendations.

It has also identified irregularity and negligence of five officials of the BIWTA and Department of Shipping, M Shafaet Hossain told

"The minister will brief the media within a day or two after going through the report," Hossain said.

The Department of Shipping filed a case over the accident while a murder case was filed on Aug 5 accusing six people.


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