US trains Bangladeshi police officers on travel papers fraud

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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“No one country can fight travel document fraud alone,” US embassy Regional Security Officer Dan Wilhelm said at the closing of the 14-day training, the US embassy in Dhaka said on Monday.

They learnt how to identify counterfeit and fraudulent passports and visas.

Wilhelm said illegitimate use of passports by terrorists was an “international problem”.

He referred to the Sep 11 attacks on the US and said the terrorists used fraudulent and stolen passports to enter the country.

“…for terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons,” he said.

The US government, through the US Department of State’s Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) program and the US Embassy’s Regional Security Office, conducted the training in the Police Staff College in Dhaka.

Officers from Special Branch, Criminal Investigation Department, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, and the Chittagong Metropolitan Police underwent this training.


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